Miranda Hayek, MA, has been the creative artist and director of Blossom Blue Photography for over ten years.  Her photographic studio is located in the heart of Belmont Shore and offers fine art products and visual storytelling services worldwide.

Miranda’s focus is to artistically document everyday connection and movement from an editorial perspective in order to produce archival fine art pieces that hold a visual story of your legacy to hold and share today and for generations to come. Given that digital media has a very short lifespan her hope is to help bring awareness around the importance of printed materials and minimize the impact of digital Armageddon.

Miranda’s extensive knowledge in design, marketing and branding led her to develop Blossom Blue Studios as an all encompassing brand that offers a variety of photographic and consulting services.


"Every person, every family, every love is an unfolding story…
I look forward to telling your story."


4720 E. 2nd Street, Suite #5
Long Beach, CA 90803