2017 Halloween Trends and Must Haves
2017 Halloween Trends and Must Haves

Spooky Trends Calling out the true lovers of Halloween… You know who you are, because you started planning this year’s party… last year! Well, just in case you haven’t made any final commitments to themes or costumes, we found some things that are going to thrill you! Lyst and Pinterest predicted some of the best “Costume and Décor Trends of 2017.” Costumes are jumping right off the screens of television and film, with characters like Rick & Morty, Wonder Woman, Pennywise the Dancing Clown (yikes!), and of course the #1 costume this year (drum roll pleeeeeease)… Eleven from the hit Netflix Original “Stranger ...

Q&A: Preparing for Your Lifestyle Newborn Session
2017 Halloween Trends and Must Haves

A newborn session that will visually document this incredible time in your life is the perfect way to share your baby with friends and family.  We understand how emotional and completely euphoric this time is for you (we have even been there a few times ourselves) so to help you prepare we have compiled a list of most often asked question along with tips and information to ensure your session is a delightful experience. What’s the first step to plan a newborn session?If you are pregnant now and you are planning on having newborn portraits taken, please book your session in advance.  Booking in advance ensures we add baby’s due date on our master calendar and its ...

2017 Holiday Sessions & Menu
2017 Halloween Trends and Must Haves

Holiday Sessions are Here UPDATE- October dates SOLD OUT.  One more day added Saturday November 4th (limited availability)  We are kicking off September with new team members, gorgeous fine art additions and our 2017 Holiday Menu. It is already that time of year again and we are officially booking our holiday sessions for 2 days only in October. Holiday Session Dates:Saturday, October 7th Sunday, October 8thThis year's look encompasses a light, lofty and contemporary styled space! Schedule your session early to secure your spot and access our unique selection of handcrafted and custom heirloom products. Click on the button below to view ...

Clash of Gowns This Holiday Season?
2017 Halloween Trends and Must Haves

You booked a portrait session and are looking forward to it. The next step is an important one... what to wear! For some, this is second nature but for others it can seem like a daunting task. Especially if you are the designated outfit coordinator for the entire family! Add to this the time needed to shop, choose, and fit a style that is cohesive and flattering for everyone. This back and forth of needing to decide what works can cause anxiety and can take away from the overall enjoyment of your photographic session. We see a lot of family portraits with loved ones dressed in the same color and/or similar style. While coordinating outfits for a group can be ...

Nourish Body and Mind
2017 Halloween Trends and Must Haves

Nourish Body & Mind August is a hectic month for all of us. A lot of you have kids that are back to school. Some of you went on summer adventures and wish you had just a few more days while others may not have had a break yet and are at risk of burning out. Transitioning from summer into fall isn't always as easy as we'd like it to be...especially in this heat! Here are a few great tips we've gathered to help nourish your body and mind.Greet the Morning with EaseTry and prep for your morning as much as you can the night before. Make lunches, set up the coffee pot, lay out clothes. The less you have to do in the AM the better. Starting your morning off ...